Form 1040 ES –          2010 Federal Estimated Individual Income Tax Vouchers

Form 2553 –                IRS Request to be taxed as an S-Corporation

Form 4506-T –            Transcripts of prior year w-2s, 1099s, tax returns, and non-files

Form 843 –                  Request to abate penalties and interest from the IRS

Form 8821 –                Accountant authorization to call the IRS on your behalf

Form 8822 –                Federal Address Change Request for IRS.

Form DR 835 –            Accountant authorization to call the Florida DOR on your behalf

Form I-9 –                   Employers required to file employment eligibility verifications

Form SS-4 –                IRS application for Employer Identification Number

Form W-11 –               HIRE Act Employee Affidavit for hiring previously unemployed workers

Form W-4 –                 Employers tax withholding declaration from employees

Form W-7 –                 Application for IRS ITIN for non-residents

Form W-9 –                Employers Request for Taxpayer FEIN or SSN for contract workers