I have officially been in business for 10 years. The journey has been exciting, stressful, encouraging, and most of all, rewarding. Every day I have the opportunity to help people. I work with my staff on growing their technical skills, I work with my clients on making the best financial decisions for their business, and I work on myself by being the best leader and professional I can be. Thank you to the employees who have worked hard for me over the years and to all those who have helped us grow through referring business and believing in AFSG. We truly are a unique accounting and tax firm.Our team consists of highly educated and experienced professionals who are able to offer a higher level of service. We are not just tax accountants, we are business consultants, and can act as the CFO you always wanted. I look forward to many more years of helping small business owners reach their goals as I too am reaching mine.

– Lauryn Charles
President & Founder

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