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We’ve helped hundreds of small businesses to grow with sound tax planning, tax preparation, and accounting solutions for individuals and their business.


“We maximize your business financial management decisions, growth, and profitability.”

Lauryn Charles
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Training and Setup

You’re a small business owner, making an honest living. But tax and accounting? What a mess. You need to balance the budget, manage your payroll, and along the way—keep the IRS happy.

Accountable Financial Services Group will solve these problems, with accounting services that:

  • Take the burden of accounting and bookkeeping off you.
  • Increase your profits, letting you keep more money in your pocket.
  • Give you time to focus on building your business.

And we’ll do it all with friendly, personal service you can trust. To see how we can help you, take the first step by contacting us today.

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 Customer Reviews 

We’ve been working with AFSG on a monthly basis now for the last couple of years and it’s be a wonderful experience. Every accounting need that I have I just send Lauryn’s way and it’s taken care of – so I can get back to running my business. I don’t miss the days I had to do all that work myself!

Brian Augsburger, Founder of UrbityBrian Augsburger, Founder of Urbity

Lauryn and her staff have helped me implement QuickBooks software into my business. The professional presentation of my invoices has helped me stand out with my customers. She is always there when I need help and I recommend her to anyone with QuickBooks and income tax needs.

Jamie Lipman Owner of Absolute, Inc.Jamie Lipman, Owner of Absolute, Inc.

Every year at tax time Lauryn and her staff have made the process of filing my tax return painless and smooth. Her vast knowledge and professionalism will keep me and my wife as clients for years to come.

Brian Handleman, Restaurant Owner

Accountable Financial Services Group is an Accounting Firm in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

Our firm meets the personal needs of small business owners and individuals in the areas of accounting, tax preparation, and payroll. We also offer Quickbooks setup and training for those who want to use the program in their business.

What sets us apart from other accounting firms is our personalized service, value, modern technical skills, ample knowledge, and large professional network. When you hire us, you know you’ll be receiving more than the price you pay.

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December 2020

The New Form 1099-NEC Summarized

By |December 2nd, 2020|Employees & Independent Contractors, Employers, Payroll|

  1099-NEC: Use For Non Employee Compensation for Independent Contractors of $600 or more Someone who is not an employee, who provided services Can go to an individual, parternship, estate, or corporation Should inlcude payments for services AND payments for parts or materials used to perform the services Examples: Attorneys, [...]

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October 2020

Tax Advice for Locums Tenens

By |October 7th, 2020|401(k) & 403(b), Business Start-Ups and Closures, Corporate Income Tax, Employees & Independent Contractors, Employers, Individual Income Tax, Payroll, Retirement, Traditional IRA|

As a locum tenens provider, you’re considered an independent contractor and you need to be prepared to pay your own taxes. Your hiring firm may not be required to withhold any federal or state taxes from your compensation. Additionally, you’ll most likely need to remit estimated taxes each quarter to [...]

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Are you using the correct terminology when discussing IRA’s?

By |October 1st, 2020|Individual Income Tax, Retirement, Traditional IRA|

Source: IRS.gov - Issue Number: Tax Tip 2020-129 Terms to help taxpayers better understand Individual Retirement Arrangements Many taxpayers may have heard of Individual Retirement Arrangements, or IRAs, but some don’t know how IRAs help them save for retirement. People can set up an IRA with a bank or other [...]

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