As of Aug. 19, the IRS had 8.7 million unprocessed individual tax returns that were submitted in 2022, but continues to open mail within its normal timeframes, according to an update posted to the IRS’s website Aug. 29. The unprocessed returns include those filed for the 2021 tax year and late-filed returns from 2020 or earlier.

Included in the number of unprocessed returns are 7 million paper returns that are still awaiting review and processing, and 1.7 million returns that require a correction or special handling. The IRS noted that returns requiring special handling by an IRS employee usually do not require correspondence, but it will take the agency more than 21 days to issue any refunds related to them.

The IRS also said that as of Aug. 20, it had 1.9 million unprocessed Forms 1040-X, Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return. It is processing them in the order received and it may take up to 20 weeks. The IRS is asking that taxpayers who have questions about their amended returns use Where’s My Amended Return? for information instead of contacting the agency directly.